Frida Sage Flower Farm bloomed from a childhood passion and a longing to shine light and love into this world with flowers. Not only do flowers bring joy and color into our lives, but are genuinely therapeutic, as well. Trauma-informed yoga sessions are offered amongst the flowers. Planting and growing flowers in Mother Nature is rewarding and contributes to a meaningful purpose for Planet Earth and critical pollinators such as bees, birds, and butterflies. Perhaps a relaxing visit immersed in the colorful U-Pick is just what you need, or a quick stop for a bouquet in town to brighten your day or someone elses.  From an array of fun workshops out on the farm, to supporting a local farmer, or booking a custom tailored occasion or photo session, we are here to fit all your seasonal needs when it comes to homegrown flowers. Inspirational Frido Kahlo always said she “painted the flowers so they never die”.  As the Sages, it is our promise to carry on her famous legacy by continuing to grow the art of flowers for you!

It brings us pleasure to welcome you to come experience and visit the farm.