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Born and raised her entire life on an apple farm, Kelley learned hard work that comes with country living.  As a child some of her most memorable moments were playing outside and walking in the fragrant woods waking in Spring and blooming with wildflowers.  Inspired by two generations of flower loving women in her life, her mother and grandmothers, she contributes the passion to being passed on through the family genes.

For 15 years she studied, worked, and lived abroad nestled in the lush green mountains of Costa Rica. There she raised her two oldest daughters immersed in a beautiful botanical self-created garden right out their door. For years, the precious young girls would bring her one of the sweetest, heart-touching gifts ever, fresh picked flowers from their own place. The flowers always brightened her day and lifted her spirits during all those years. Circumstances turned opposite of pretty and the three of them landed back in West Michigan.

Upon returning to the USA, the three had to find a normalcy in a new environment with four seasons. Flowers were very few and farce back in Michigan. Several years into the grind working and raising her daughters as a single mom, she had a calling to face the past and find the diamond buried deep inside under all the burdening dirt. She met her genuine, loving husband and they moved to a secluded 20 acres surround by woods, pines, gardens, and their funny farm of animals. She dove back into studying yoga and is 500 Hour YTT Certified. She is also fascinated with planning events and is earning a wedding/event planner certification. 2023 marks 17 years working with her father and brother(s) on the 12 apple orchards they farm together. Six generations of family farming experience definitely contributes to applying the knowledge and work ethic one needs to succeed in this kind of industry.

One of her biggest dreams and hopes is the creation of Frida Sage Flower Farm right out the door to share with others. There is so much authentic beauty and unique healing effects that flowers bring to us emotional human beings, and the connections and enjoyment can fulfill each and every one of us in some special way. No matter how much mud you've trudged through in life, flowers can give us hope and happiness. They are the very reason what makes Kelley passionate about life again. They give her a purpose, and she invites you to experience the joy and abundance produced at the farm created with love for you.