17 Jan

I am on a jet plane, 6 months pregnant with my third daughter, headed to Mexico studying yoga as part of my 300 YTT Certification.  Ten days of intense learning and practicing yoga with a group of authentic ladies in a boat-only accessible paradise.  Many thought I was crazy for leaving the USA and traveling to a foreign country pregnant, but those opinions didn't get in my way.  What mattered was continuing my education and healing journey.  I had made the decision over a year ago and was incredibly determined to go forth in life.  Yoga was the only outlet I had all those years going through pain and suffering.  I was bound to become an instructor and be able to help guide others on their own journeys by showing how to use such efficient tools that reside within us such as breath, movement, and befriending with compassion the deep inner side that roots to the depths of our soul.

There was no one sitting next to me in the 3 seat row.  We were flying during Covid-19 times and the plane was by far from full.  I had lots of space and time was on my side.  This was the first in decades that I actually got away to be with me, alone, and next to zero responsibilities except to take care for the sweet life growing inside of me.  I started thinking about my journey, all I had been through, and so much to come, when all of a sudden I looked down and notice I have my Frida Kahlo, the famous female Mexican artist t-shirt on.  In an instance, I put two and two together, and clarity hit me hard.  I was traveling to Mexico where one of the most famous renown artist to this day remains to be seen everywhere, and suddenly her name dawned upon me!   

I absolutely loved her name, it's not common, and we still needed a unique authentic name for the baby.  Instantly, I looked up what Frida stands for and what the artist represented.  I had remembered watching the movie about her life and it had always stuck with me.  "Peace", the exact word and meaning I've been trying to put back into my life after all I had been through.  Finding both inner and outer peace...a balance I've longed for so damn long to sustain myself as I wade through the waters of life.  Frida Kahlo, the famous painter, represented pain and passion, the yin and yang in life, a very feminine experience, in many forms, was portrayed in her many paintings.  I loved the messages she's conveyed to us that life is not easy, struggles will always be had with love, health, and our identity whether it's our gender, beliefs, or outer appearances.  It takes a strong, bold, vibrant woman to stand and tell her story.  Frida represents empowerment, freedom, honesty, and to just be "you"!  She, like us all, is on an emotional roller coaster and painted this ride of life through her creations of art.  She depicted many flowers in her paintings "so that they never die".

Right there and then, I without a doubt, fell in love with the name Frida.  It burned into the depths of my womb and the baby girl found her name. Of course, I would have to discuss this with my hubby, but I had no doubt on the spot.  This child would represent so much joy and peace to us all, I just knew it...those gut instincts you just have to trust in those special moments pumped vigorously through my heart and blood.  My mind did not stop there...now on to a middle name?  It had to be brilliant, wise...this baby's sisters names are Sanskrit-one of the oldest languages in the world...so something relating...Sage...Yes!  She will be wise, knowledgeable, beautiful and our forever baby girl!  I was about to embark on another journey to gain more wisdom...what name more appropriate...Frida Sage... .

When the baby was born and the nurse asked what her name was... Farmboy (my husband) blurted out..."Frida!"...Sage...!  The more Frida grew as a baby, she would look out of the window while we changed her diapers on the changing table.  There wasn't much to see except some green bushes and trees.  The idea hit me one day that I needed to plant her a colorful field of beautiful flowers to stare out since we changed ALOT of diapers!!!  I did plant her a garden of blooms and this became topic of the talk daily while taking care of her business.  We would go out and weed and water together, and when it was finally time, we enjoyed picking the flowers and making bouquets.  She was just as in love with the flowers as I was, and it reminded me of all those beautiful gratifying moments when my other two daughters were once young and loved to bring me fresh flowers every single day when we lived abroad.

My three daughters are some of my biggest inspirations in life and while I pondered all their beautiful names when the flower farm was germinating inside of my head and heart...I just knew that the artist Frida Kahlo and all she represents was entirely fitting and perfect as a representation in what I am trying to create on the flower farm through my journey.  Sage, in Hindi, means Wise... Sage, as a herb, is very medicinal in many ways.  It will be a mainstream herb planted on the farm for it's quality purposes and unique meaning to grow and become wiser with time and all our experiences we gain over the years.  Our last baby, Frida Sage, was named as an inspiration that started with her special name, who reminds me everyday to keep going and follow my heart, to be an example, plant seeds of all kinds, and see what works and heals.  Hopefully, she and her sisters will gain wisdom along my side through the years of experiences on the farm and become part of this legacy to shine light and love out onto this world and for others.

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